“Utter Nonsense!” Senator Hawley Destroys Biden Energy Sec In Heated Hearing Over Gas Prices

Senator Josh Hawley is as America First as they come. That’s why he has stood opposed to the Biden Administration from the very beginning. There is, after all, a lot to stand against, especially for a patriot of the first rank. As we shall see today, he once again got the better of the Administration.

For background, Biden has wreaked havoc over our economy. Inflation is crippling American taxpayers. Biden brags about the jobs he has created, but he is merely restoring jobs that were shut down due to COVID policies his party endorsed.

These policies occurred towards the end of Trump’s Presidency. This was after Trump created perhaps the best economy in the history of our country. Now, Trump had a great economic mind, so it is no surprise Biden would try to mooch off his achievements. And that’s all you can say about the Biden Administration — it is, after all, a disaster outside of the things he received from Trump.

And Biden punishes Americans at the gas pump. Remember the gas prices during the Trump Administration? They are hard to forget. We want those days to return, and perhaps they will in 2024.

Now Biden has been pressed from all sides. And there are no signs it will get any better. Indeed, bipartisan backlash recently caused the demise of the Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’. But today, we will focus on a right-wing thinker who is making serious noise — Missouri Senator Josh Hawley.

Josh Hawley recently attended a hearing with Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm. And he let her know how he and his constituents felt about the energy crisis. After pointing out that the cost of gas was $4.58 in his home state of Missouri, he asked her whether she was concerned about the gas prices. To this, she replied yes, with the caveat that Vladimir Putin was to blame.

That’s when Hawley went nuclear. He said:

“Oh, nonsense… With all due respect, Madame Secretary, that is utter nonsense. In January of 2021, the average gas price of my state was $2.07. Eight months later, long before Vladimir Putin had invaded Ukraine, that price was up over 30% and has been going up consistently ever since. 

What are you doing to reverse this Administration’s policies that are drawing down our own supply of energy in this country, that are throttling oil and gas production in the United States of America? What are you doing about it?”

After she tried to continue to blame Putin, he kept pressing her. Then she cited a statistic saying 94% of oil executives agreed Biden’s policies had no effect on gas prices. Josh Hawley had none of that answer:

“I’m not interested in the opinions of those people; I’m interested in the facts”

BOOM! She tried to blame COVID for the increase in gas prices between January and August of 2021. To this, Hawley replied with a simple yet compelling reply:

“I have to say, Madame Secretary, with all due respect, your answers are insulting. And they are insulting to the people of Missouri, who are looking for action.”

We could not agree more. Good for him. His state ought to be proud.

Here is the video:

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