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If it was not clear to everyone by now, the Democrat Party is the party of death. Abortion is not just permitted in the Democrat Party — it is celebrated. The Democrats are done hiding behind “safe, legal, and rare” rhetoric. Abortion for them is a “secular sacrament”, a rite that ought to be protected at all costs. The Republican Party and Conservatives of all stripes are the only human force set on stopping this machine of demise and destruction. Any Democrat committed to human decency must rethink his or her allegiance immediately. Do you really want to be grouped in with the single greatest system of human atrocity ever devised? I think most, if they really reflected on it, would have to say no. Abortion is evil. It is not right.

The Democrats made their position apparent yesterday. They voted, with all their might, to enforce abortion in the most radical way possible. Make no mistake, the Democrat Party has no regard for justice. They want to march on the Republican Party, and the innocent children the Republican Party is trying to protect. And there is only one Senator standing in their way: West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

Joe Manchin fights against the radicalism of his own party. He is no “liberal”. He knows his party is the party of destruction. But his loyalty runs deep, as a modern Blue Dog Dem of sorts. His opposition to the Party of Death showed itself yesterday when he was the sole Democrat vote against a radical new Abortion policy — the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA). The Republicans were united in their opposition to this bill. The Democrats, even more Moderate Dems like Kyrsten Sinema, stood in favor of the bills passing.

This is no surprise. In 2021, the National Review has said the following on Joe Manchin’s pro-life stance:

“One area where Manchin has long thwarted his party’s reigning ideology is on abortion. Manchin calls himself pro-life, which tracks well with his state’s brand of Democratic voters; it’s hard to imagine he’d remain popular among West Virginia’s socially conservative Democrats if he ran to the left along with his colleagues.

Unlike Joe Biden, who also refers to himself as pro-life, Manchin votes like he actually means it. For last session, Manchin earned a 100 percent rating from the pro-life lobbying group Democrats for Life. Meanwhile, he maintains just a 50 percent rating from Planned Parenthood Action Fund.”

We appreciate Senator Joe Manchin and his courageous advocacy of the right to life. We hope more sensible Democrats will join him. We also want the Republican Party to remain firm on this issue. The Pro-Life movement is not dying — it is thriving. It is likely that in one hundred years, our children’s children will look back on this issue as the single greatest atrocity ever committed. It remains to the voter to decide: does he or she want to be known for protecting these innocent children or viciously murdering them? The answer, to the considered mind, is obvious.