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According to Fox News, co-host of “Fox and Friends,” Pete Hegseth scribbled on his Harvard diploma “send back to user” in an effort to send a strong message to his alma mater while on Live TV. While most aren’t brave enough to physically scribble on their prized diploma, many Americans can share the sentiment.

This stunt drives home the point that colleges and universities in the United States are moving further and further left and many individuals are becoming frustrated with college in general. Harvard, a university once admired by all for its prestige, is no different. It has unfortunately fallen for woke ideology alongside most other higher education institutions.

Harvard University, like many others, has been exposed by FIRE and given a “Yellow Light.” According to their website, “FIRE’s mission is to defend and sustain the individual rights of all Americans to free speech and free thought—the most essential qualities of liberty. FIRE educates Americans about the importance of these inalienable rights, promotes a culture of respect for these rights, and provides the means to preserve them.”

Harvard’s FIRE rating backs up Hegseth’s overall feelings. With the amount of indoctrination occurring and the lack of diversity of opinion, students and parents are faced with difficult decisions regarding college.

Watch the entire clip here: