SHOCKING Video Shows Hosts Of ‘The View’ Attacking Justice Thomas And Justice Barrett As Traitors!

‘The View’ is a very liberal show. That much is not news. The ABC Broadcast has struggled to attract a Conservative host since the departure of Meagan McCain — the daughter of the long-time Senator and Trump opponent John McCain. As such, it surprised no one when the hosts used their platform on Thursday afternoon as a springboard to discuss ideas about Biden’s potential Supreme Court Nominees. After all, Justice Stephen Breyer, a mainstay of the liberal wing of the court, officially announced his retirement in the presence of President Joe Biden earlier today. No one would blame ‘The View’ hosts for being ecstatic upon hearing the news.

Whoever Biden nominates assuredly will be there for the long haul. They will undoubtedly influence many Supreme Court decisions in the direction of their preferred liberal causes. Judicial activism has its consequences. Those consequences are grave to the side of the true, the good, and the beautiful. But ‘The View’ did not just discuss the legacy of Stephen Breyer. They did not just discuss the prospects of a Biden nominee. Instead, they turned the conversation to the caustic, anti-Conservative brand of rhetoric we have come to expect from the talk show. The hosts used their platform to pounce on Conservative Justices — specifically newly appointed Amy Coney Barrett and the 30-year mainstay Clarence Thomas. Here is a transcript of the segment — initiated and primarily driven by unapologetically liberal host Joy Behar:

“You can make the case Amy Coney Barrett was put in there because she’s a white woman, who they say, well, she’ll go against abortion rights, she’s a woman [The View Host Joy Behar emphasizes with her hands that ‘woman’ is in quotation marks].’ So that was deliberate, I think. Clarence Thomas, a black guy, a black man, a justice — I’ll give it to him, he’s a smart guy — but he is to the right of Attila the Hun! They put him in there thinking, ‘well, a black man will go against voting rights!’ — which is what he does! It is a very tricky business that they are pulling over there if you think about it.”

After Behar and the other hosts attacked the legal insight and ethical integrity of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Co-host Sunny Hostin offered a few parting shots to Justice Thomas”:

“It is disrespectful to appoint someone like Clarence Thomas, with his philosophies, to the seat of Thurgood Marshall, a civil rights icon” Hostin also expressed discontent over the “activities” of Clarence Thomas’s Wife, Ginni Thomas. Leftists have often claimed she was involved in the organization of the Jan. 6. riot — although, the Leftist fact-checker PolitiFact adds “there’s no evidence Ginni Thomas organized Jan. 6 events.”

This attack is a new low for The View. The hosts should be ashamed of themselves for attacking these brave, Patriotic and upstanding Americans. Justice Thomas has consistently upheld the Rule of Law ever since George H.W. Bush appointed him in 1991. Hopefully, we will say the same about Justice Amy Coney Barrett in 30 years!


Here is the full clip:




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