New Shocking Poll Reveals Massive Number Of Dems Support Investigating Hillary Over RussiaGate Controversy

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt politician who has been protected by the establishment for her entire career. It would take years to list all the controversy surrounding the former First Lady, but we will begin in 2012 when Hillary served as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. In 2012, a group of terrorists launched an attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. This attack left four Americans dead. Republicans contended that Secretary Clinton did not respond quickly enough to intelligence warnings, warnings that may have very well saved American lives. Soon afterward, information was leaked revealing that Clinton had opted to use a private email server during her time as Secretary of State. Concerns of propriety and national security soon mounted, and Hillary Clinton was again in the hot seat. These concerns extended to the 2016 Presidential election, which she stunningly lost to President Donald Trump. Afterward, Donald Trump and the Republicans alleged that the Clinton Campaign effectively caused the investigations into Russian Collusion.

Moreover, they allege the Clinton team spied on him and his campaign. It is this latest controversy that will be the subject of the article. After the Durham Probe revealed much truth in the Republican allegations, Hillary Clinton and her compatriots are once again in hot water. We will see where the investigation leads, but so far, few would envy to be seated where Hillary Clinton is at the present moment.

All in all, Hillary Clinton is a polarizing personality. She is generally loved by Democrats and loathed by Republicans. But after Durham’s most recent actions, it appears opinions may be starting to shift. A recent poll conducted by TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics (TIPP) reveals some startling new findings. Nearly two-thirds of Democrats support Durham’s investigation into Hillary Clinton:

“Nearly three out of four of those polled who are following the story said they think it’s important prosecutors investigate Clinton for her role in the Russiagate scandal along with her top campaign advisers.

That includes two-thirds — or 66 percent — of the Democrats polled who said they have been keeping up with the case.

That’s up 20 points from this past October, when TIPP asked the same question of a national panel and indicates the Durham probe may be turning Democratic opinion regarding Clinton and the controversy.”

The poll also recalled that ninety-one percent of Republicans believe investigating the former First Lady is important. Now, Republicans have always been wary of Hillary’s charms and have come away less than impressed. But with the vast majority of Democrats supporting the investigation, perhaps even the Left is waking up. The elites do not care about America, and it is time we stop trusting them with our well-being. Increased scrutiny into their behaviors can only help us, and these investigations should be done fairly and honestly — without media intervention. So far, Durham’s level-headed and reclusive demeanor is impressive, and he has ably shrunken away from the onslaught of media attention. We hope he continues to openly and honestly pursue the truth, no matter the enemies it may get him.

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