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We reported President Biden’s hot-mic comments surrounding Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy earlier this week. Biden was not in the right. To his credit, the President was aware of that much — going so far as to call Peter Doocy to apologize. Nonetheless, such an err in judgment is not a first for the gaffe machine that is the current Leader of the Free World.

This is the same man who claimed Mitt Romney would put black people “back in chains.”  This is the same man who allegedly plagiarized a speech by the British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock during his ill-fated 1988 Presidential bid. This is the same man who thought it was a good idea to call a rally attendee a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.” And yet, Biden never seems to learn. Biden, again and again, time after time, makes outrageous remarks, remarks which baffle the sane mind. There is a reason Former President Obama said never to underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to “F*** things up.”

One of these comments is a claim he made in October of 2020 — just days before the 2020 election — about the mental acumen of his son, Hunter. Hunter Biden is a famous problem child. His behaviors and business practices became an issue of enormous controversy in the 2020 election. Joe Biden could go the easy route — holding his son accountable as his own man and then denying any personal responsibility in the matter. Instead, Biden told interviewer Oprah Winfrey that Hunter Biden was not just intelligent but “the smartest guy I know.” President Biden knows a lot of brilliant men and women.

Nonetheless, Hunter Biden is a cut above the rest. Hunter is so erudite, he merits the highest honor. High praise from a former VP and future President. Then again, we are dealing with Joe Biden, who verbally abused an innocent reporter for no reason.

Grand-Old Memes took advantage of the situation to make a must see meme. Biden’s take here is so baffling it will make your head explode. To equate a highly educated reporter with the owner of the well-known “laptop from hell” is a take the quality of which we have learned to expect from the President.

Here is the meme:

Courtesy of “@grandoldmemes”