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Starbucks has reportedly decided to close 16 stores in the liberal cities of Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. — citing rising crime and drug use as the main reason for shutting the doors.

Six stores a piece in Seattle and Los Angeles are set to shutter, along with two closures in Portland and Oregon, and one store each for Los Angeles and Philadephia, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Despite all five cities being heavily Democratic strongholds, Starbucks decided the habits and actions of their inhabitants are not conducive to a successful business model. Given the circumstances, who could blame the caffeine giant?

Very few people today want to walk into a coffee shop for their morning cup of joe, only to see drug-addicted urbanites under the influence in the public lobbies and bathrooms.

Starbucks has already battled the public on drug-related issues, including rampant use in their restrooms, making this problem a familiar one.


Yet Starbucks has struggled to find the proper response to these problems, produced mostly by emboldened drug users.

Pair the public drug use with increased theft — add to that several soft-on-crime prosecutors — and it has caused Starbucks to throw in the towel finally, and permanently close these particularly troubled locations.

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With relaxed prosecution of drug offenses, larceny, and other theft-related crimes, many companies are realizing that the benefits of specific city locales do not outweigh the costs.

Perhaps this is the start of a slew of closings related to increased drug use and rising crime that will force real societal change.

While those living in heavily Democrat cities lose their access to morning coffee and danish, those in relatively-less liberal cities can continue to enjoy their morning java without encountering drug users or rampant larceny.