‘Straight-Up Misinformation’: Pelosi Props Up Dems 2022 Chances Before Getting DESTROYED By Party Friendly Pollster

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight is not known for being the most honest, or non-partisan pollster on earth. With regard to polling aggregation sites, Real Clear Politics leans more to the right and FiveThirtyEight more to the left.

Silver is, nonetheless, in the business of making predictions. As such, he knows a bad prediction when he sees one. Silver knew it was time to act when Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cited his predictive model as a means for propping up the Democrats’ electoral chances this November. He was unable to sit idly by as Crazy Nancy spewed nonsense and obvious lies.

The Democrats are in for a shellacking in 2022. A red wave is coming, that’s obvious now. And there is nothing Crazy Nancy, or New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, can do about it.

Pelosi is known for twisting data to serve her own political ends. She is famous for saying Biden was given a “tremendous mandate” after achieving close and controversial victories in a number of key swing states.

More importantly, Biden is working with one of the narrowest House majorities in history and an evenly split Senate which required back-to-back wins during two run-off elections in Georiga, a historically red state. The reasonable man or woman does not see such slim victories as a “mandate” from the people. He or she sees likely views it as justification for leading the country with caution and moderation.

Yet Crazy Nancy does not think or act like a reasonable person. She may even be running our nation into the dirt more so than Biden, who has only a semblance of sanity left!

Pelosi displayed more of her trademark deceptiveness in a fundraising email shared by Real Clear Politics’ Sean Trende. In the email, she announces with jubilation that Democrats are set to win six Senate seats this Fall!

The email was seriously titled “Mitch McConnell DOOMED.” You can’t make this up! But as Trende notes, the real-world statistics do not bear the weight of Pelosi’s conclusions. Florida has moved from a purple state to reliably red, over the past six years or so. Therefore, it is unlikely Rubio will lose his current Senate seat.

Nate Silver, the founder of FiveThirtyEight, agreed and posted the following tweet:

You heard it: “straight-up misinformation.” And he’s right. Democrats are trying to deceive their base into false optimism. But with regards to 2022, there is absolutely nothing to be optimistic about on the left. The Democrats’ chances of success are truly bleak.

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