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Students around the country have had enough of mask mandates. Students have been forced to wear masks for 8 hours a day against their will since they have returned to classes.

One student at Washougal High School in Washington decided that enough was enough. Gathered with his peers, the student performed a powerful speech detailing the plan to walk out on classes.

Demonstrating both class and resolution, the student demanded that he and his peers respect their teachers during the walkout. He explained that the teachers are “doing their jobs” and that the mandates come from the state.

Although empirically, that justification has had bad results, the sentiment of respect still sent a good message to his fellow students and now the thousands of people who have seen the viral speech.

In the speech, he explained that the students would meet in the parking lot and walk in maskless together. He also expressed that he would take complete ownership of any punishment that the school might issue.

The goal of the protest was to get kicked out for not wearing masks and to not be counted for attendance. This was to send a message to the state that students will no longer put up with the tyrannical mask mandates that they have had to deal with for far too long.

In a follow-up video posted on a local Telegram channel and on Twitter, students are seen collectively entering the building and being told by the two staff members at the door to put on a mask or get out.

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After the students politely refused to put on masks, one of the overwhelmed and frustrated teachers can be heard shouting “I guess you want to go home!” Yet the students remained respectful and resolute.

Overall, it appears from the two videos that the walkout went exactly as planned as the students were told to leave. In a fortunate turn of events, the video has also gone viral on Twitter, which will further spread the message that our youth is done with the mandates.

It takes motivated individuals to inspire change and this young man certainly proved his mettle and earned respect from his peers and observers nationwide.