Supreme Court Justice Ruled On Affirmative Action Case Despite Making Pledge Not To

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson has decided to weigh in on a significant affirmative action case before the High Court, despite previously pledging not to during her confirmation hearings.

Jackson said in March, that “she planned to recuse herself from the previously consolidated lawsuits during her Senate Judiciary Committee hearings due to her role on Harvard’s Board of Overseers,” The Washington Examiner reported. “Which concluded on May 26. But last Friday — the Supreme Court made a procedural step to separate the cases, thereby allowing her to vote on the [University of North Carolina] (UNC) case.”

Judges, usually, are not supposed to rule on cases where a reasonable conflict of interest could exist. Judges should be impartial interpreters of the law, something the left has long forgotten in their lust for power.

Federal law reportedly states: “Judges must recuse themselves from cases in which their ‘impartiality might reasonably be questioned,’ which may include close ties to a political party, a financial interest in the outcome, or participation at an earlier stage of the litigation process.”


The case involves UNC admission policies — which were deemed discriminatory towards white and Asian applicants, who are held to a higher standard of admission than their Black and Hispanic counterparts.

“In the North Carolina case, the plaintiffs made a more familiar argument, saying the university discriminated against white and Asian applicants by giving preference to Black, Hispanic, and Native American ones,” The New York Times reported. “The university responded that its admissions policies fostered educational diversity and were lawful under longstanding Supreme Court precedents.”

The effects of such a ruling would, “likely reduce the number of Black and Latino students at nearly every selective college and graduate school, with more Asian American and white students gaining admission instead.”

Whatever the result, this is now a seismic change that could affect a very important case in the history of this country and may even create long-lasting precedence, which is worth pondering over.

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