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Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was reportedly harassed by left-wing activists while at dinner in D.C. last week due to anger over the Judge’s vote in the Dobbs decision, which ultimately overturned Roe v. Wade and sent the issue of abortion back to the states.

While all may be welcome in America to make their voices heard peacefully — harassment is never the answer.

This news story is similar to one that broke over two years ago about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

According to Axios, Cruz, a Republican from Texas, had also been harassed by left-wing protesters while eating dinner during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings back in 2018.

While this may not be surprising, it’s still disappointing to see, and Cruz’s encounter serves as an excellent parallel to this latest incident.


While several days have passed since Kavanaugh’s confrontation, many left-wing organizations, activists, and politicians have made public statements either in support of  Kavanaugh, or excuses for the behavior of those who harassed him.

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wasted no time in making a public statement to support the protesters and seemingly showed no effort to encourage calm.

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“I will never understand the pearl clutching over these protests,” she posted on Twitter. “Republicans send people to protest me all the time, sometimes drunk and belligerent. Nobody cares about it unless it’s a Republican in a restaurant. Can someone please explain the obsession because I don’t get it.”

“Occupy Democrats,” whose website claims the group is a left-wing “journalism” counterbalance to the Republican Tea Party movement, was also very vocal on Twitter regarding the controversy.

“BREAKING: AOC rips Fox News reporter Peter Doocy for complaining that Brett Kavanaugh had his “right to privacy” violated by pro-choice protestors at a steakhouse,” the post read. “She points out that the overturn of Roe got rid of the ‘right to privacy.’ RT IF YOU SUPPORT THE PROTESTORS!”

MeidasTouch posted similar comments as well.

On its website, the group identifies as “a pro-democracy, next-generation super PAC founded by three siblings (and lifelong Democrats) with the primary goals of protecting American democracy, defeating Trumpism and holding Republicans accountable.”

“The Supreme Court effectively ruled there is no right to privacy,” the tweet read. “They struck down buffer zones separating protesters from abortion clinics. Brett Kavanaugh is just getting the chance to live by the rules he created.”

While these responses may be expected today, it’s sad Democrats don’t flock to condemn this type of harassment, especially when it’s Republicans who are the victims on the other end.

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