Switzerland Jailing People Who Turn Their Thermostats Up Too High in the Winter, and California Is Following Similar Energy Policies – Could They Do the Same?

The Central European nation of Switzerland has recently put into place new regulations that allow for the jailing of citizens who turn their thermostats up to 19 degrees Celsius – 66 degrees Fahrenheit – this coming winter.

The federal government of the country wants to limit the use of gas as Russia recently shut down Nord Stream 1, a critical pipeline that carried natural gas through the Baltic Sea to Germany, forcing many European countries to limit the demand by citizens.

In addition to keeping buildings heated with gas to 66 degrees, the Swiss government will also mandate that water can only be heated to 60 degrees Celsius – 140 degrees Fahrenheit. There will also be a ban on radiant heaters and the heating of swimming pools and saunas will be forbidden, according to Swiss outlet Blick.

To enforce their Machiavellian policies, the government could receive fines between 30 and 3,000 Swiss francs, $31 and $3,090 in US dollars. Those found intertidally breaking these regulations could face up to three years in prison and citizens with negligent violations could be faced with 180 days worth of fines, according to the Daily Wire.

Like Switzerland, many other European countries have attempted to enact restrictions on their people as gas supplies become restricted. In Spain, air conditioning cannot be lowered below 27 degrees – around 80 degrees Fahrenheit – in the summer.

French President Emmanuel Macron has also called for a restriction on energy use with a 10 percent reduction being the goal for the energy-deprived country.


Many of these European states have suffered tremendously as Russian energy has been slowly depleted as the European Union maintains sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine. Making matters worse, many of these states have dedicated themselves to a “climate-neutral society” by 2050 which has made many of them switch to renewable energy.

Like Europe, the state of California is experiencing similar energy difficulties due to its climate benchmarks. This past week, during a record-breaking heatwave, the Golden State experienced rolling blackouts with Gavin Newsom calling on citizens to keep their thermostats at 78 degrees.

The state is experiencing its worst drought in 1,200 years which has led to record high temperatures, especially across northern California. The intense heat has led to less hydropower production as plants experience less water flow, according to Newsweek.

The state of California has pushed for increasing renewables as the state focuses on green energy. Just last month, the state announced that gas-powered vehicles will be banned from sale starting in 2035 as reliance on electric vehicles will further push the most populous state’s energy infrastructure to the brink.

It seems like many European nations, like California, are experiencing the consequences of energy dependence on renewable energy. Californians and Europeans will hopefully realize the error of their ways and invest in more reliable energy sources such as nuclear or even natural gas in their disastrous attempts to transition away from carbon fuels.

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