Intense Pennsylvania School Board Meeting Over Drag Show Performance Exposes What Is Really Going On In Our Schools

That we are debating the utility of drag shows for young children or even high school students is sad enough. That this is a reality in many school districts is even grimmer. Yet, such is the state of America in 2022. Things will have to seriously change for the better if we want to fulfill Winthrop’s vision of being that “City Built Upon A Hill”.

But fret not! Parents are taking action. They do not agree with the propaganda, and they realize, in their heart of hearts, that it is not okay to sponsor hyper-sexualized school board events.

But the Left does not agree. They want to indoctrinate children into their preferred ideology. For if they win the hearts and minds of kids, they win the next generation of parents, and the children that come thereafter. But parents, not schools, should be the principal source of their children’s values. That is chiefly their job, unless they delegate a certain prerogative to the school system.

Now on to today’s story. A teacher at Pennsylvania’s Hempfield High decided to host a Drag Show performance for the Gay Sexuality Alliance. The teacher did so without parents’ consent — a completely reprehensible action worthy of intense distrust if not anger. The school, to their credit, put the teacher who hosted the event on leave. And once you see the video, you can understand why they were forced to take action.

That was bad. And parents agreed. Nearly 400 people attended the Zoom School Board on May 10, with over thirty attending in person. The school board meeting was hosted two weeks after the event, which occurred on April 25th. And as Lancaster Online reports, the reaction was extraordinarily raw in its honesty:

“Parent William Crawford said he is angered by the event, which he believed was inappropriate. He noted, however, that his feelings were not an attack on the LGBT community.

“I fear this will get a pass in fear of offending the LGBT community,” Crawford said. “If we brought in Chippendales dancers for the heterosexual girls … would that be OK?”

And as another parent noted:

“This never should have happened. If you can’t commit right now to protecting all children, I ask that you resign. Step aside.”

We are forced, by rationality, to agree with these parents. No one here is trying to bully the LGBTQ+ community. But why think it is a good idea to sponsor these events? Schools should sponsor events in their domain — that is, math, science, history, etc. But hypersexualized drag shows are by no rational standard in such domain.  Resultantly, schools must do better if they wish to regain our trust.

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