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On Thursday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz rode with the People’s Convoy, which has circled the DC beltway since Sunday and has been based outside of Washington D.C in Hagerstown, Maryland.

The convoy is taking a stand against Covid-19 mandates and is calling for the end of the emergency declaration issued in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Additionally, the organizers have called for a congressional investigation around the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Cruz sat in the passenger seat of the lead truck as the People’s Convoy headed to DC. Cruz then hopped out at the Peace Monument on the west side of the Capitol to speak with members of the press.

According to the Washington Post, Cruz stated that “I’m proud to listen to these guys, to hear their passion, hear why they’re here, why they’re fighting, and I’m proud to stand with them.”

Cruz continued by stating that “These truckers are speaking out for the rights of every American. They’re speaking out for the 3.5 million truckers across the United States. They’re speaking out for cops and firefighters, for soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines.”

The group also met with Republican members of the House Transportation Committee to discuss the pandemic mandates.

On Tuesday, Senator Cruz and Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin met with the People’s Convoy where the organizers said that they won’t end the convoy until they sit down with other members of Congress and their demands are met.

The People’s Convoy was inspired by the Canadian Freedom Convoy which, after weeks of occupying downtown Ottawa, was ended by the Ottawa police. However, during and after the Freedom Convoy demonstrations, Canada lifted many mask and vaccine mandates in multiple provinces.

While many US states have lifted mask and vaccine requirements already, the People’s Convoy wishes for the end of the national emergency declaration and a return to normalcy.

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