Ted Cruz Defends Our Second Amendment Rights In Savage Speech

What happened in Uvalde was a tragedy. There are no two ways about it. Evil exists in this world, and evil will always exist until that fateful day. But the solution to evil is not taking away the means of protecting ourselves against evil — in the form of gun control.

Instead, we should promote those means all the more! For humans are not perfectible on this side of the great divide.

Simply put, all humans are depraved at our core — goodness only comes from God’s grace. The Founders understood the imperfectability of man, even those founders who operated outside the Christian tradition. That’s why they set up a system of checks and balances. One of those checks is the people — who have a right to self-defense and the regulation of a well-formed militia.

On the other hand, the Democrats are statists — wanting to give the state as many rights as possible. They want to trample on our liberties in the name of equity and inclusion.

But equity and inclusion speak are not ends in themselves for the authoritarian Democrats. Instead, they are means of destroying the freedoms we all enjoy as citizens of America — the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Senator Ted Cruz knows all this. When he spoke at the NRA Convention on Friday, he made his voice heard. Of course, Cruz paid homage to those lost in the grave shooting — deriding the evil of the shooter and the circumstances of his wretchedness. But then he talked about what we need to do to address the issue, he made no concessions.

We need more guns, particularly in schools, not less. More importantly, we should focus on the culture first and foremost, only discussing the other elements afterward.

Here is what he said:

“We know that many of those who seek to commit the most heinous crimes, they’re isolated from human contact. They’re living a virtual life in the absence of community and faith and love … What stops armed bad guys is armed good guys.”

Cruz also argued background checks did nothing to stop the shooter. Fortifying background checks is obviously, then, not the solution.

Cruz is right on target here. Like us, he cares about everyone affected by the tragedy. But he knows our freedoms matter. Two wrongs do not make a right.

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