Ted Cruz Completely Exposes the January 6 Committee With Savage Truth Bomb

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been in the news a lot recently. Whether it be standing up for our Second Amendment rights or fighting sham partisan political efforts, Cruz has been on the right side of history more often than not. And he made news once more yesterday when he erupted on the hyper-partisan January 6 Committee — a sick effort to attack Former President Donald Trump and his political allies.

The Democrats want to deceive Americans into voting for them in the 2022 Midterms by focusing on events from two years ago. Fortunately for America, there are no signs that the Democrats’ efforts will work.

Whatever one thinks of January 6, the connections to Donald Trump organizing it or even enabling it are tenuous at best.

Trump had no role in aiding the events leading up to the Capitol raid, as even the hyper-liberal Rachel Madow tacitly admits. Trump’s January 6 rally was not related to the events that followed.

The committee is an absolute trainwreck with no real direction. The two “Republicans” — Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger — are anything but members of their party. They are RINOs.

That’s the kicker — the Democrats will only respect a Republican politician once they compromise on Republican values. And that’s been the trend with Kinzinger and Cheney for the past two years. They spend more time attacking the Former President than they do holding the current President’s feet to the fire — something Biden has more than merited with his policies.

Ted Cruz agrees with that assessment. That’s why when the January 6 hearings heated up, he knew he had to offer his two cents. The Texas Senator said the following:

“Democrats have hired a Hollywood producer to put on a campaign ad. They’re not seeking the truth. They’re not interested in what actually happened.

They’re engaged in politics, and the reason they’re engaged in politics is they desperately want to change the subject because the Democrats’ policies have been [a] miserable failure.”

Senator Cruz is right on target, as per usual. There is no defense of the January 6 Committee — especially if you are a Republican. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger should feel ashamed for taking part in it.

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