Texas Governor Greg Abbott UNLEASHES On Biden’s Handling Of The Border Crisis: ‘Joe Biden Does Not Care That People Are Dying Today!’

On Thursday afternoon, Texas Governor Greg Abbott launched a war of words directed at President Joe Biden. The subject of the Texas Republicans’ verbal assault was the crisis at the Southern Border. Greg Abbott focused his attention on the drug trade, which has been rampant across the region for the better part of the century. Republicans have long expressed a desire to protect the Southern Border from illegal immigration and drug trading as a public policy. Former President Trump, a longtime proponent of a strong border security, had been building a Southern Border Wall, a wall that progressed steadily before Joe Biden’s inauguration. Since taking office, President Biden has aggressively halted the construction of the Border Wall — drawing criticisms from the Texas Governor and other high-profile Republicans. President Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as the Border Czar — giving her jurisdiction over the pressing crisis.

Nonetheless, VP Harris has not performed well in that capacity. It took Harris four entire months to visit the Southern Border. There is not much evidence to suggest she has seen the Border since that time. A large contingent of Republicans pinned a letter to President Biden to remove her from the position. Harris and Biden also generated news in their reaction to the September Del Rio border incident. Thousands of illegal aliens poured into the Texas Border town, many from Haiti and other non-border countries. Instead of attacking the unlawful activities of these migrants, Biden and Harris spent their time harassing Texas Border Agents for following the Law. The Border has not been a strong point for the Biden administration, and this was before Governor Abbott mounted his attack. Border safety is public safety. The effects of a strong border move downstream towards a proportionately strong American society.

Gregg Abbott, in a speech on the Southern Border, decried a perceived lack of care coming from the Biden Administration:

“There are [enough Fetynal] doses to kill 222 million Americans! They [the Cartels] are sweeping our states. And for one reason only: Joe Biden does not care.”

Then Abbott discussed the consequences of the Border Crisis on public health:

“The leading cause of death for Americans 18-45 is fentanyl. And President Biden is doing nothing to address that fentanyl problem… Joe Biden does not care that people are dying today!”

Here is a video of the speech:

After the Speech, Governor Abbott did an interview with Fox News. He highlighted Texas’s progress on its own unique Border Wall. The Republican likewise emphasized the monumental nature of this undertaking, saying:

“This is unprecedented, for a State to have to step up and secure the sovereignty of the United States of America… [Texas is putting up] the same kind of fence that Trump put up… We want to build mile after mile, after mile, to secure the United States and the State of Texas.”

The Texas Governor was then asked to clarify the motive for putting up such a costly wall. He explained:

“[We are building the Border Wall because] the tragedy that has occurred because the Biden Administration is not enforcing the Immigration Laws… we have Drug Cartels, we have human trafficking, we have fentanyl brought across the border…there is devastation every single day because the Biden Administration is not doing its job to protect our border.”

After getting a question about the legality of the Texas Border policy, Greg Abbott assured Americans that Texas is on the right side of the Law. They will win any legal battle the Biden administration might initiate.

“For one, we believe we are doing everything to the letter of the Law. For another, they [the Federal Government] can expect a fight from the State of Texas. We will be suing them to recoup the mon; we will be suing them for not living up to their duty to enforce the laws passed by the United States Congress.”

After receiving another question about the Cartels, Abbott issued a stern warning: “You are picking on the wrong State”




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