Texas Democrat Judges Switch Parties Over DISGUST WITH Southern Border Crisis

A Hispanic judge in Texas reportedly switched parties from Democrat to Republican late last month, as the crisis along the Rio Grande continues to heavily burden border communities.

“I am in Fort Stockton tonight and I am with Dale Carruthers. Dale Carruthers is the county judge for Terrell County. She has a very special story to tell you,” Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas) said in a video posted to Twitter on July 26.

“Thank you so much, governor. I am so happy to be here and such a proud Republican,” she said. “I come from a Hispanic heritage which is prominently Democrat and the chaos on the border and everything that’s been going on makes me realize that I need to switch parties I am very happy to be a Republican and to represent this great state of Texas as a judge.”

“Judge Carruthers was last elected as a Democrat and has switched parties to run as Republican in the upcoming election due to the border crisis,” Abbott added.

The Texas governor later tweeted, “Judge Dale Carruthers switched parties due to Biden’s FAILED open border policies. She’s now running for re-election as a Republican, joining a growing number of Hispanics who have walked away from the Democratic Party. Together, we’ll secure the future of Texas.”


This seismic shift in Texas politics comes as President Joe Biden has a 19 percent approval rating with Hispanic voters, according to Quinnipiac.

Recent polling showing Republicans statistically tied with Democrats in courting Hispanic voters for the upcoming midterm elections, is also making matters worse for the left. 

With the crisis on the Southern Border bringing two-decade highs in migration, the communities affected most are noticing this — and changing their politics and voting positions because of it. 

Despite Biden quietly filling in various sections of the border wall in Arizona this past month, his efforts have done little to stop the massive influx of migrants to Texas and other neighboring states. 

In response to the crisis, Abbott placed national guard troops on the border via Operation Lone Star and has repeatedly bused illegal immigrants to Washington D.C. — causing local officials there to call on federal authorities to take action and bail them out. 

Politicians across the country are beginning to notice the damage being done — thanks to local Texas politicians taking action and voters reconsidering their allegiances to Democrats, as they fail to secure the border.

This dissatisfaction will hopefully translate to a GOP victory come November, and Republicans can finally get another chance to take action on a persistent and dangerous issue, which presents a clear threat to the citizenry of the United States.

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