Texas Republican Mayra Flores Flips District In EPIC Fashion

Texas Republican Mayra Flores won big yesterday in a major win for the MAGA movement. This win came in a historically Democrat district — Texas Congressional District 34. In fact, it has been over 150 years since a Republican has represented the area. Her win could signal a coming red wave — indeed a red tsunami — in the years ahead. 2022 could be the start of something very special. It will set the stage for 2024 and beyond. And that has Biden and the Dems shaking in their boots and running for the exit.

The spirit and strength of Mayra Flores carried the day. Her win was not just a win for the Republican Party. It was a win for her principles — America First Conservatism. And that message is resonating with all Americans, who are slowly waking up to the rot and decay caused by the Democrat Party and one Joseph R. Biden.

You heard it right. God, Family, Country. In that order. Too often Republicans get that ordering wrong. They stress family values while ignoring the anchor of all values — the Lord Almighty. And while defending the family, they forget about the country the family is called to serve — America.

But in reality, all three are complementary to one another. Mayra Flores gets that. And that’s largely the reason she won, trouncing her Democrat competition with the fire and fury you’d expect from a Republican of the highest caliber. You see, Americans are still a people committed to principle. The Democrats are not. And they will pay dearly in the coming elections.

Things are changing for the Party of Lincoln. This is not your grandfather’s Republican Party. The MAGA movement is hip, with it, and centered on values we all hold dear.

America First patriots like Mayra Flores know the contributions Trump has made to the GOP.

Indeed, rather than abandoning Trump like so many other Republicans after he left office, Flores paid homage to the President in her victory speech. That says something about her character, and it tells us the principles which guided her victory. 2022 will be a big year for like-minded Conservatives.

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