The Biden Justice Department Arrests 45th President Donald J. Trump -- Trump Pleads 'Not Guilty'

This Tuesday, the Biden Justice Department arrested leading 2024 Republican presidential contender and 45th President Donald J. Trump. 

Trump's arraignment surrounded the alleged mishandling of classified documents at Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence. As such, Trump faces 31 counts of violating the espionage act, amounting to a somber day for America and her people. Trump plead "not guilty" to all charges, 

As the Daily Caller reports, Trump Spokesperson Alina Habba weighed in on the incident, saying, “The decision to pursue charges against President Trump, while turning a blind eye to others, is emblematic of the corruption that we have here... We are at a turning point in our nation’s history. The targeting prosecution of a leading political opponent is the type of thing you see in dictatorships like Cuba and Venezuela. It is commonplace there for rival candidates to be prosecuted, persecuted and put into jail... What is being done to President Trump should terrify all citizens of this country,” 

She concluded by saying, "This is not our America."

Trump posted to Truth Social following the incident, "Thank you Miami. Such a warm welcome on such a SAD DAY for our Country!"

GOP voices also weighed in, slamming the Biden DoJ for obvious injustice. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted, "I am so sick and tired of those that can’t see the war being waged against us right now by the CORRUPT AND WEAPONIZED COMMUNISTS DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED DOJ! Taking them apart should be the only thing we are doing right now. We do not have a country. People hate Republicans for doing nothing. Winning 2024 is about dismantling the weaponized government and restoring peace, justice, and the rule of law in America. Refusal to do so is failure." She also added, "Innocent President Trump is being arraigned today for fake charges about documents he is legally allowed to possess. Guilty Joe Biden took a $5 million dollar bribe but is free occupying the White House and has not been charged with a damn thing. I’m absolutely fed up."
  Likewise, Congressman Jim Jordan tweeted, "One standard of “justice” for the Biden Family. Another for the Trump Family. Everyone sees it."
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