The Left’s ‘Wishful Thinking’ — Wall Street Journal Muses About A Potential Trump Third Party

Wall Street Journal Opinion piece by William McGurn published on Monday, March 13th could only possibly describe a leftist roleplaying fantasy, a fever dream, the very definition of wishful thinking. And stop if you’ve heard this one before: they’re suggesting that if former President Donald J. Trump were to somehow (perhaps in an alternate universe) lose the 2024 Republican Primary he would split the GOP vote by running as a third party or independent candidate.

Oddly, McGurn even acknowledges the circumstances that make this fantasy scenario a near impossibility writing, “At this moment Mr. DeSantis trails Mr. Trump 43% to 28.3% in the RealClearPolitics poll average. Not only does Mr. DeSantis have to beat Mr. Trump in the primaries, he has to do it in a way that won’t provoke the former president into stalking off and running as a third-party candidate in the general election.”

For WSJ the writer cited Galen Druke of podcast who claimed, “if he [Trump] doesn’t win the nomination he’ll destroy Republicans’ prospects of winning the presidency because then that will in a way create a sort of rally around the Trump flag.”

All of this echoes in almost idiosyncratic detail the same voices who reacted with absolute terror to the notion in 2016 that then-candidate Trump, not yet the GOP nominee, refused publicly to make a pledge not to run as an independent.


The hysterical point of the leftist fantasy session is: “In 2016, the question was, ‘Can Donald Trump be elected?’ In 2024, the question may be, ‘Will Donald Trump try to ensure that no Republican wins the White House if the party doesn’t nominate him?'”

Meanwhile, in poll, after poll, after poll Trump continues to dominate in double-digit, twenty-point, or more leads, and many conservative and Republican commentators, activists, and even fundraisers stress that no one but Trump is truly running for President, but rather all the others are running for Vice-President. The top contender after Trump has still not declared his candidacy, all the remaining candidates are in single digits through most polls.

The notion that somehow, former President Donald Trump will not be the 2024 nominee and will instead split the Republican vote, seems to be a leftist dream, built upon another dream. Whereas the support for Trump in 24′ emerging unlooked for in places and people never considered before cannot possibly be any more real.

Of course, Democrats are hoping for a split conservative vote… it’s their only chance.

As Trump told the rapt CPAC audience, “I am your voice … I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed: I am your retribution.”

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