'The Most Horrifying Thing I've Ever Heard From A Supreme Court Justice': Ketanji Brown Jackson SLAMMED For Remarks On Government Censorship

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Murthy v. Missouri to decide the extent to which the government can coordinate with social media companies to censor information and speech online. The case, which has been described as the most important free speech case in the court's history, will be instrumental in ensuring that the government doesn't use social media sites to restrict freedom of speech. One particular moment got the attention of commentators online when Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson asked Louisiana Solicitor General Benjamin Aguinaga about her concerns about the First Amendment getting in the way of combatting "harmful information."

"So my biggest concern is that your view has the First Amendment hamstrining the government in significant ways in the most important time periods. What would you have the government do? I heard you say a couple of times that the government can post its own speech, but in my hypothetical, 'Kids, this is not safe. Don't do it' is not going to get it done. So, some might say that the government actually has a duty to take steps to protect the citizens of this country, and you seem to be suggesting that that duty cannot manifest itself in the government encouraging or even pressuring platforms to take down harmful information," the Supreme Court justice said. "I'm really worried about that because you've got the First Amendment operating in an environment of threatening circumstances from the government's perspective, and you're saying the government cannot interact with the source of those problems."

Multiple conservative commentators slammed the newest Supreme Court justice for her remarks with the X account End Wokeness, writing, "This is the most horrifying thing I've ever heard from a Supreme Court Justice. Ketanji Brown-Jackson is concerned that the First Amendment is making it harder for the government to censor speech. That's literally the entire point."

"That is the entire point of the First Amendment," wrote Daily Wire host Matt Walsh. 


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