The TRUTH Is Here: Trump Launches Truth Social Alternative To Big Tech

So many patriots are getting fed up with leftist social media companies like Twitter and Facebook and the censorship that lives there. But it’s hard to live life without some form of social media. Many Americans are put in a predicament where they need social media to stay up to date, connect with friends and live a normal life, but they also want to be able to speak the truth freely!

This dilemma will no longer be an issue thanks to the hard work of Donald J. Trump. After being completely removed from Twitter, while still being President, Trump decided to launch a new social media platform called “TRUTH Social.” This platform will be for those who want to speak freely without the big tech oligarchs breathing down their necks.

On Monday, the TRUTH Social app was launched on Apple, and according to their website, it will be available in the Google Play store soon. Many prominent individuals have already set up TRUTH social accounts and are eagerly awaiting the transfer from censored speech to free speech!

The importance of new tech platforms cannot be understated and thankfully Trump is taking action to make sure that what happened to him, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mike Lindell and so many more will not continue. Trump is fighting back against the big tech oligarchs by standing up for the first amendment.

Many prominent conservatives who are anti-censorship have already set up accounts on TRUTH Social including Congressman Andy Biggs who took to Twitter to say “Head on over to Truth Social and follow me @repandybiggsaz.”

Madison Cawthorn, the Congressman from North Carolina, has also created an account on the new platform and announced it on Twitter saying he is “Proud to be on TRUTH Social!”

Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, used her official Twitter account to tell everyone “I’m on Truth Social! As the only member of Congress to have had my personal @Twitter account banned, I understand what millions of conservatives have gone through having their personal freedom of speech stolen from them by Big Tech for not parroting the approved messaging.”

Most importantly, America will be able to hear firsthand from their favorite President, Donald J. Trump.

With so many prominent conservative patriots joining TRUTH Social, it’s becoming clear how successful this new platform is going to be. Freedom of Speech will finally be given a fighting chance.

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