The View Host Concedes, Publicly Admits Trump ‘Was Not An Illegitimate President’ in Stunning Reversal

The View co-host Sunny Houston on Wednesday conceded her claims forty-fifth President Donald Trump was an “illegitimate president.”

“The assumption was, at least mine, I’ll speak for myself, that Russia must have been involved because we knew that from the Mueller report that Russia had some involvement, Russia thought that it could have benefitted from a Trump presidency, which it did by the way,” Houston said.

“But I remember calling him an illegitimate president, and that was wrong. I should not have said that,” she added.

“Why,” co-host Joy Behar asked.

“Because he was not an illegitimate president,” she answered.

But that is how you felt. You had every right to say it,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said.

“However, he remains a twice impeached, disgraced, one-term president. All of that is true,” Houston said, not missing the opportunity to attack Trump.

“The Trump campaign did not coordinate with the Russians, and that’s where I think I was wrong,” Houston added.

“You don’t know that. But you don’t know that he wasn’t talking to Putin,” Behar interrupted.

“There was an investigation, and we have to believe that when the FBI and the Department of Justice conducts investigations, we have to believe that. That is another tenet of our democracy,” Houston said.

This comes months after Trump sued failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, members of the Clinton campaign, and senior FBI officials for more than $72 million over the Russia conspiracy to undermine his presidency.

“Trump’s RICO suit says that Clinton, who was his Democratic opponent in that election, and other defendants as part of the purported scheme falsified evidence, deceived law enforcement authorities and exploited access to ‘highly-sensitive data sources’ in a way that ‘even the events of Watergate pale in comparison,'” CNBC reported.

“The lawsuit seeks more than $72 million in damages, an amount that is triple the $24 million in legal fees and other damages that Trump allegedly has accrued as a result of the defendants’ purported conduct,” CNBC added.

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