'There's Plenty Of Evidence': The Wall Street Journal Turns On Biden In EXPLOSIVE Op-Ed

The Wall Street Journal editorial board released an opinion article on Friday conceding that there is, in fact, enough evidence for an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden despite countless liberal media organizations attempting to paint it as a purely political attack on the aging Democrat.

On Monday morning, the official House Oversight Committee X/Twitter account shared the article, calling it a must-read while highlighting a specific portion of the article.

“But there’s plenty of evidence that son Hunter and others in the Biden family received millions of dollars from foreign partners who believed they were buying influence with his father,” the article read. “The House has good reason to follow these leads about a President who is asking to remain in office for another four years.”

“Kentucky Rep. James Comer, the House Oversight Chairman, this week outlined the evidence that Republicans have already gathered,” it continued. “It’s some list.”

The WSJ editorial board discussed the different pieces of evidence that House Republicans have against the Biden family such as former business partner Devon Archer, who has made numerous statements about the conduct of the family. They also discuss then-Vice President Joe Biden okaying talking points for Burisma.

Of course, the list of Biden family offenses that could raise notable concern for the president's ability to serve is numerous as the article dedicates five paragraphs to discuss all of them. In the end, with such a considerable list of offenses, even the most liberal person has to come to terms with the allegations against Biden and at least be legitimately concerned. 

The editorial team does highlight that the inquiry is exactly that, an inquiry. There is no definite impeachment ahead and this is simply an investigation into the Biden family affairs to see if an impeachment will be needed. 

While the article from the editorial team doesn’t actually begin to condemn or stray away from Biden, it does show a good sign for the future. It’s important that people can see flaws with politicians within their own party.

In the same way that Republicans are looking at members of Congress like Mitch McConnell and raising concern, Democrats need to look at their own and raise questions against them. Those in power should only be allowed to serve when they protect the interest of the American people and not just the interest of their bank accounts. 

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images / Getty Images
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