The World Has Finally Woken Up: President Trump Vows to Hold China Accountable for Covid, Pull Out of the WHO – ‘This is Insanity’

On Saturday, 45th President and 2024 White House contender Donald Trump published an op-ed in The Daily Mail blasting the Chinese Communist Party for their handling of the Covid-19 virus that spread around the world and killed millions.

“Three years ago, I declared that COVID-19 almost certainly came from the Chinese Wuhan lab. Now, the world is finally admitting the truth,” Trump began. “The cover-up of COVID-19’s origins is one of the greatest scandals in the history of the world. Millions of people all over the planet have died from the China Virus. The cost of the outbreak and the lying about its origins is incalculable, some say in excess of $50 trillion.”

“Now it’s time to hold China—and the corrupt forces who have facilitated this colossal suppression of facts—accountable for the damage they have inflicted upon all of humanity,” he continued. “According to recent reports, the U.S. Department of Energy has concluded a Wuhan lab leak is the likely cause of the pandemic. The FBI reached the same conclusion. The facts are now plain for all to see.”

“When I first suggested in early 2020 that the virus may have come from a lab, it was called ‘racist,’ a ‘conspiracy theory,’ and a claim for which ‘there is no evidence,'” the president explained. “The entire globalist establishment—from the World Health Organization, to the media, to Anthony Fauci and the public health authorities, to the corrupt Silicon Valley tech giants, to Joe Biden—worked relentlessly to silence, censor, and shut down any suggestion that the so-called ‘lab leak theory’ could be true.”

Trump went on to explain that anyone, including scientists, who spoke out against the narrative pushed by the establishment was silenced and banned on social media.

“We all know the real reason for these censorship campaigns. The ‘lab leak’ did not serve their political agendas. So they did the Chinese Communist Party’s dirty work, and effectively imposed China’s propaganda on the Western world,” the 2024 Republican frontrunner wrote. “There must now be a reckoning. The sinister censorship regimes in the United States and throughout the West must be dismantled and destroyed.”

President Trump then went on to explain the World Health Organization’s role in advising him against closing the country to Chinese visitors at the beginning of the pandemic as well as their rejection of the lab leak theory. Ultimately, Trump took the bold step to terminate the U.S.’s relationship with the WHO leading to $450 million returning to the country.


“Not only did Joe Biden re-enter the WHO without getting any meaningful reforms, but he did so at full price, restoring the hundreds of millions of dollars American taxpayers send each year to an organization that badly misled the world in the service of Communist China,” Trump explained. “Now, Joe Biden is negotiating to sign a treaty giving the WHO sweeping powers any time foreign bureaucrats decide to declare a pandemic.”

“In the event of a real emergency, the treaty would have us ship up to 20% of our medical supplies and medications to the WHO for distribution to other countries,” he continued. “This outrageous globalist scheme would put America and other signatories on the path to surrendering our sovereignty to the whims of foreign public health bureaucrats—the same people who got COVID-19 completely and totally wrong.”

Trump went on to vow that once he takes office for his second term, he will pull out of the WHO to protect American independence and sovereignty. 

“Finally, now that the evidence of Chinese culpability is clear to all, we must hold China financially responsible for unleashing this plague upon the world. Joe Biden will not do this. Biden is unbelievably weak on China—perhaps because his family has received millions of dollars from entities linked to the Chinese Communist Party,” Trump explained, adding, “Yet the need for accountability remains. China’s deceptions and lies in the critical early phrase of the outbreak are well documented.”

“To collect this compensation, nothing should be off the table—tariffs, taxes, and a global summit on reparations,” he concluded. “The World must ensure that such a tragedy never happens again!”

You can read President Trump’s full op-ed HERE.

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