‘They’re Going Electric Crazy’: Trump Mocks Push For Electrified Tanks, Planes

Former President Donald Trump mocked the Biden administration over its push for electrified tanks and planes during a speech Friday in California.

Trump criticized the push while speaking at the California Republican Party’s fall convention in Anaheim, California. The U.S. Army released a plan in February 2022 to develop electric combat vehicles by 2050, The Washington Post reported.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm told the Senate Armed Services Committee during an April 26 hearing she backed an effort to make every one of the Department of Defense’s non-tactical vehicles an electric vehicle by 2030.


“You know they’re a couple of other ones for electric. They’re going electric crazy,” Trump said. “It doesn’t work. They want an all-electric army tank. So they want an army tank that’s electric, you can’t get it recharged, it doesn’t go far enough, it doesn’t go strong enough, but they want to have electric so that we go into enemy territory. We will blast the shit out of everybody, but at least we will go in with environmentally nice equipment. Can you believe it?”

“I do, and I think we can get there as well,” Granholm said about the military’s EV push when questioned by Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa, later claiming that the push for green energy would enhance America’s energy security.

Trump also called out efforts to develop “greener” fuels for military jets. “They came to see me. Sir, we have a new fighter jet, we think it’s environmentally friendly and I said, ‘who cares if it is if you’re dropping bombs all over. You’re shooting everybody.’ No, it’s true,” Trump said. “You’re shooting everybody. I said what’s the bad side? Well, there is one problem: It’s about 15% less effective. That’s a lot. Do you know what the 15% is for a fighter jet? The difference between being shot down and shooting the other guy down. That’s the difference, that’s a big difference.”

Trump also targeted the Biden administration’s new regulations targeting trucks, saying it could wreck the American supply chain.

Republished with permission from The Daily Caller News Foundation.
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This obsession with 'electric everything' is another part of the Biden/Obama plan to exert total control of everyone's life, leading to the destruction of America ! Yes, that is their ultimate goal !!!

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