WATCH: Three Minute FOX Interview Causes Collapse Of Leftist Subreddit With Over 1.7 Million Members

On January 25th, a moderator from r/antiwork, a far-left subreddit devoted to abolishing the modern concept of work, went offline as a result of the backlash to an interview conducted by one of its moderators with FOX anchor Jesse Watters.

In the interview, Watters talks with Doreen Ford, the 30-year-old founder of the subreddit, about the principles of antiwork. Ford argues that “Laziness is a virtue in a society where people constantly want you to be productive 24-7.” Ford then goes on to discuss her job as a dog-walker, as well as her hope to one day be a professor of philosophy. 

When asked to explain the movement, Ford stated “We’re a movement where we want to reduce the amount of work that people feel like they’re forced to do. And so we want to still put in effort. We want to put in labor, but we don’t want to necessarily be in a position where we feel trapped.” Most of the rest of the interview, however, focused on Ford personally, rather than on the movement’s stated goals After the interview, the internet was extremely critical of the interview, with even supporters of the antiwork movement calling it a major faux pas.

But then things got worse for r/antiwork. Users harshly criticized the moderators for the interview. This devolved into a series of arguments where Ford claims to have volunteered for the interview because of her experience with media. The moderation team then proceeded to ban anyone found discussing the interview before taking the subreddit private on Wednesday the 25th. The subreddit, which 24 hours ago had been one of the fastest-growing subreddits on Reddit, with over 1,700,000 subscribers, is now defunct. 

While the subreddit was most famous for hosting pictures of amusing resignation texts sent by employees to their bosses, it was originally founded to counter the very idea of labor as a component of society. They describe their ideology as “not liberal, a capitalist ideology [but] leftist, anti-capitalist, and we want to abolish all work.” 

Here is the full video:


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