TikTok BANS Babylon Bee In DERANGED But Unsurprising Move

TikTok made a perplexing move last week when they banned the account of The Babylon Bee, a satire website, from their platform for no apparent reason.

For more background, the Babylon Bee is a Christian satire site that prides itself on its cheeky commentary geared toward contemporary political and religious issues. They usually write from a Conservative bent and are intentionally self-reflective in their tone and outlook on comedy.

It is hard to take the Bee seriously, with its outlandish headlines and even more outlandish stories. That is, of course, if you put even an ounce of effort into reading any of their articles. The Bee has long been a mainstay of Conservative Twitter.

The outlet has been cited by political personalities and former Presidents and has even confused its fair share of Democrats. Some of which often consider its satirical headlines Gospel truth — evidently, not reading the actual articles.

The writers at Babylon Bee are satirists of the highest form, of course — which confuses the Left, who have a satirical view of reality. Yet, is that really a sufficient reason for banning the outlet? Not really.

Yet, that’s what Babylon Bee executive Kyle Mann says happened to his company’s presence on Tik Tok late last week:

Normally this behavior has been reserved for American companies. The Babylon Bee is still banned on Twitter. In March 2021, Twitter banned the Bee for posting a satirical take on the transgender Biden appointee, Admiral Rachel Levine.

The fact that Twitter would act to preserve its social justice agenda is expected, but it seems the Chinese-owned TikTok is also interested in censoring voices on the right.

TikTok’s China connection is a well-documented fact. They are owned by the Chinese parent company ByteDance — which the Chinese Government has a minority stake in. TikTok’s shady business dealings led Trump to ban the download of the app by Executive Order in 2020.

Of course, Biden stopped the ban later in 2021 despite the fact his presidential campaign instructed its staff to delete the app from their devices back in 2020, due to security concerns, as reported by CNN.

Nonetheless, the controversy surrounding TikTok continues to this day. Recently, a bipartisan group of senators penned a leader to the FTC expressing privacy concerns about ByteDance’s ethical practices surrounding U.S. user data.

The fact is the company’s business dealings are suspect at best. What it did last week to the Babylon Bee is just the beginning and the tip of the iceberg of what TikTok truly represents.

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