Conservative Comedian Tim Allen SHREDS Twitter In Epic Tweet

Tim Allen is one of the few good conservatives in Hollywood. He believes in the rights we all value as Americans. We cherish the conservative contribution to Hollywood. Of course, it has diminished in recent years. But we know that politics is downstream of culture. If we give up on the culture entirely, even celebrity culture, we are just inviting the Left to run roughshod over the concerns of everyday Americans.

We hope that we can regain these institutions to be the bastions of American values they once were. Of course, Hollywood went through a legitimate red scare. But it recovered and produced many classics of American filmmaking thereafter. Unfortunately for us today, however, is the fact that such anti-American sentiments have returned. But change could be on the way with a slate of actors fighting against cancel culture.

For instance, we reported on Mark Wahlberg a few weeks ago. The rapper-turned-actor knows the reality of forgiveness.  His latest film is a meditation on the necessity of forgiveness. And that is completely antithetical to cancel culture. Perhaps the pushback against cancel culture will be the change we need for Hollywood to reassess itself and its approach to culture. Because clearly, whatever they are doing has not generated wild commercial appeal.

Tim Allen has long championed conservative values. He has not always been the most vocal proponent of conservatism. But he has still identified himself as one. There are of course other figures in Hollywood who champion the cause of the right — legendary director and actor Clint Eastwood spoke at the 2012 Republican National Convention. But besides him, there are very few good America First conservatives out in the open.

Twitter is, by its nature, a liberal cesspool. It silences conservative speech. And Tim Allen knows that. He knows what happened in 2020 with the Hunter Biden laptop story, and he is taking action! Here is his latest tweet:

He’s a very funny man and he knows Twitter’s past policies were and currently are a joke. Elon Musk will certainly straighten things out for the better. We just have to wait and see.

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