Top Democrat Rep Defends Trump’s Remain In Mexico Policy

President Trump kept us safe. And one of the ways he did so was by protecting our border. He wanted to create a great big beautiful border wall to regulate one of our country’s most prized assets. And we are grateful that he did so. Without that peace of mind, everyday Americans could not rest assured that their President had their best interests at heart. But President Trump certainly did. No rational person can contest that premise!

One might expect Republicans to appreciate Trump’s contribution to the nation. Perhaps even an independent voter. But the last thing you would expect is a Democrat to praise Trump’s policies. But that’s exactly what happened Thursday, when Texas Rep Henry Cuellar praised a key policy of the Trump Administration — his “Remain in Mexico” agenda on Fox News.

What exactly was the “Remain in Mexico” policy? Well, it was a policy that forced Assylum seekers to remain in Mexico until they could have a court hearing. Obviously, that’s a very reasonable expectation. Henry Cuellar agrees.

“You know, I want to make sure we have policies in place that treat migrants with dignity and respect… But the policies have to be calibrated in such a way that they don’t encourage more people to come into the United States…

Yeah, you know, my position has always been that, in this case, if you have them remain in Mexico and they have access to an attorney they want to come and present their case and they’re in a safe situation, then we ought to do that.

Because otherwise, you have so many people that come in, come into the United States, and a lot of them are given false hope because if you have a hundred people, only 10-12% are going to be given asylum.

So, why are we letting 100% when we should be allowing only 10% to 12% of those people to come into the United States?”

Afterward, he reaffirmed the legitimacy of Title 42. He claims that we have to have repercussions to keep our border safe. We agree. We cannot encourage people to come across our border. We sympathize with their plight, of course, but a nation without borders is not nation

Here is the full video:

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