Leftist Talk Show Host Comes Out Against Cancel Culture: ‘All Of Us Should Have An Opportunity At Redemption’

Trevor Noah, the comedian host of The Daily Show, condemned cancel culture last week in an interview with Variety stating “all of us should have an opportunity at redemption.”

The comedian argued that the attempts to cancel Kanye West, who has been barred from performing at the Grammy Awards this year, isn’t the right way to go about things and is something that Noah has criticized in the past.

“I’ve just become more comfortable speaking my mind in situations where I feel like the mob forgets that we’re dealing with human beings,” he said in explanation for his criticism of the Grammys. “It’s easy to stand on the sidelines, see a train crash coming and say nothing about it. And then after the train crashes off the tracks, we say, ‘Oh, I saw that coming!’ Well, then why didn’t you say anything? Especially if you have some sort of platform, you have some sort of obligation to speak a truth. You know, see something and say something.”

“And I also understand that human beings are a paradox. We can love people who we hate, we can hate people who we love. Human beings as a whole are complicated paradox,” he explained to Variety, adding, “And so, I don’t like to live in a world where we constantly discard human beings like pieces of trash. Kanye West is somebody who has an indelible impression on my life. His music has literally taken me through different periods of my journey.”

“But then there are also moments where I go, like, ‘man, Kanye, you, you’re going off the rails here.’ But I can still say that ‘I care for you as a human being, that’s, that’s why I’m speaking out. I’m not going to not care for you, I’m not going to hate you all of a sudden,'” he emphasized. “That’s how I try and see the world, that’s how I would hope people would see me.”

Noah joins a host of other comedians who have come out against cancel culture recently as they’ve seen their fellow performer Dave Chappelle be lampooned by trans activists who find his jokes offensive. Other notable names that have spoken out against such reactions to comedy acts include Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, John Cleese, and Rowan Atkinson, according to Breitbart.


The Daily Show host then highlighted the importance of forgiveness and urged others to realize that redemption is possible for those who have fallen out of line with leftist edicts.

“If I’ve engaged you as a human being, and if you like me, or if you like anyone in your life, I hope you’d have the ability to say to that person, ‘hey, I think what you’re doing here is wrong. I think you may be headed in the dangerous direction. And I’m saying that you because I like you. I don’t discard you as a person,'” he stated. “And I think we have gotten very comfortable discarding human beings, immediately tossing them away and making them irredeemable characters.

“When in fact, I think all of us should be afforded the opportunity to redeem ourselves. All of us should have an opportunity at redemption,” he argued, adding that social media has fueled much of the cancel culture that has taken over American society.

“I think one of the worst things social media has done to us is, it has rewarded the hot take,” Noah said. “It has rewarded the most extreme version of any opinion that is out there. If you put out a nuanced opinion, in a tweet, unfortunately, the algorithm is not going to push that as far because it doesn’t engage as many people and engagements is what social media is trying to achieve. The problem is, the best way to get the most engagements is by inflaming tensions. And while that’s great for the bottom line of a social media company, it’s terrible for us as human beings.”

It seems like Trevor Noah has finally come to see the light in terms of the dangers of cancel culture perhaps realizing that such a beast could someday consume him. Either way, his change of opinion is notable given that his show garners millions of views. Maybe he can change the minds of those dead set on ruining reputations and careers over the tiniest of missteps.

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