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The Freedom Convoy that has been currently demonstrating in Ottawa for nearly two weeks has been facing mounting opposition from the Ottawa Police Department, despite the overwhelmingly peaceful nature of the demonstration.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly stated that “We are going after the fuel. We are going after any vehicle conveyance including horseback, people carrying jerry cans. We are arresting and seizing and we are interdicting fuel going into the demonstrations.”

However, truckers are fighting back.

In a video posted online, dozens of Canadians can be seen carrying jerry cans toward the Canadian House of Parliament where the bulk of the demonstration is taking place. In addition to the jerry cans, demonstrators can be seen carrying Canadian flags on their march back towards the Freedom Convoy.

The Ottawa Police Department said in a statement on Monday that they had seized thousands of liters of fuel and removed an oil tanker. Due to the police crackdown, the number of protesters has fallen, but the Freedom Convoy has remained strong.

The Ottawa chief of police continued stating that “We went after the funding. Our efforts combined with the city efforts eliminated the GoFundMe. $10 million are no longer accessible to the demonstrators. There are other funding avenues that we continue to aggressively go after through intelligence, information, coordination with financial institutions, and all three levels of government. We will be relentless in pursuing the funding that has enabled this demonstration to continue to this point.”

Last week, GoFundMe, after requests from the Ottawa Police Department, took the Freedom Convoy fundraiser off their site, leading to push back from Republicans in the US.

In addition to having their funds cut off, a Canadian judge on Monday granted a 10-day injunction preventing people from sounding horns in downtown Ottawa, a peaceful tactic that truckers have been using to inconvenience the residents of Ottawa.

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On top of this, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has declared a state of emergency stating that the Freedom Convoy poses a “serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents.” 

Thus far the police department has made only 20 arrests throughout the two-week demonstration, with some of those arrests being for mischief. Additionally, the police have issued over 500 tickets and have towed an undisclosed number of vehicles, despite many tow-truck companies refusing to aid the city of Ottawa.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Ottawa Police Department and city government are trying to starve out the Freedom Convoy both financially and by restricting fuel. However, liberty-minded Canadians are staying strong in the face of tyranny and actually beginning to win.