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In a press conference earlier this week, Justin Trudeau announced his intention to revoke the Emergencies Act because “the situation is no longer an emergency.”

Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act a week ago to give the government and the police the power to end the Freedom Convoy protest by targeting participants and organizers in the movement.

Trudeau is announcing an end to the Emergency Act after the authorities ended the trucker border blockade in Ottawa by “declar[ing] certain areas as no-go zones” and permitting “police to freeze truckers’ personal and corporate bank accounts and compel[ling] tow truck companies to haul away vehicles,” according to AP.

However, criminal investigations into the Freedom Convoy movement will continue for months, according to a statement by Ottawa’s police chief earlier this week.

Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act has received backlash from many government officials in Canada. As reported by The Daily Wire, “Jason Kenney, the Premier of the Canadian province of Alberta, announced Saturday that he was suing the federal government of Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for their use of the Emergencies Act, calling the move unjustified in the circumstances.”

The Daily Wire also reported that the “Conservative Member of Parliament Philip Lawrence also said that the wording of the Emergencies Act grants the federal government far-reaching authority to freeze the accounts of people only tangentially involved in the protest.”

Trudeau said in the press conference that the government “is confident that existing laws and bylaws are now sufficient to keep people safe.”

“Of course, we’ll continue to be there to support provincial and local authorities if and when needed,” he continued.

Watch the rest of his speech here:

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