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Former President Donald Trump spoke in favor of parental rights in education at one of his rallies in Delaware, Ohio.

Trump announced to the crowd:

“We will also protect parents’ rights. No teacher should ever be allowed to teach transgender without parental consent.”

The former president is in full support of Republican legislatures working on restricting the instruction of the Radical Left’s gender theory in our nation’s schools.

Trump continued, “Isn’t it amazing how that’s become such a big subject? And who would even think that’d be such a big subject?”

The crowd erupted into cheers chanting “Save Our Kids! Save Our Kids! Save Our Kids!”

The former president voiced similar views about teaching the nation’s children earlier in April at a rally in North Carolina according to Business Insider:

“A Republican Congress must stand up for parental rights and parental choice. I think that’s a good idea. No teacher should ever be allowed to teach far-left gender theories to our children without parental consent.”

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Trump is certainly correct that a Republican-controlled Congress needs to take a strong stance against groomers in the education system. The Florida Parental Rights in Education has been celebrated as a win by the Right, but there is more to be done.

Hopefully, Trump understands this point and communicates it to the party following the midterm elections.

The only other contention others may have with Trump’s statements is that far-left gender theory should never reach our children even with parental consent.

No parents should ever subject their children to such a harmful ideology if they are truly prioritizing their children’s wellbeing and health.

Hopefully, Trump and the Republicans in power realize the gravity of the situation and the danger that is presented to our children when teachers and those in power are allowed to groom with little to no consequences.