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A Donald Trump endorsed candidate for Arizona Attorney General Abe Hamadeh, told Fox News in a Tuesday interview that he would brand the cartels on the US-Mexico border as “terrorist organizations,” if elected this Fall in November’s midterms.

“Under Arizona law, we use the US Department of State’s definition. What I’m calling for is to actually expand that definition here in Arizona to include the cartels as terrorist organizations.” Hamadeh said. “With that, there would be enhanced sentencing on them so, instead of just getting five years in prison for drug smuggling they can get a minimum of ten years. So there’s enhanced sentencing element with that.”

He added, “Besides just the drugs and the Fentanyl that’s pouring in across our border, as you mentioned, the Cartels are profiting off of the human trafficking as well. When you have 240,000 border crossings every single month it’s unsustainable so this is where Arizona needs to take power back from the federal government and take matters into their own hands.”

Hamadeh’s tough-on cartel border policies sound promising, especially as more migrants pour into the U.S. uncheck, every day. Hamadeh wrote on his campaign site, “As a prosecutor, I’ve defended the rule of law and put criminals away. As an Army intelligence officer, I’ve sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution over here and abroad. I’m not done fighting for our country – I’m just getting started.”

This new statement regarding the US-Mexico border and national security seeks to calm Americans and give them a sense of security, in the wake of the Biden Administration’s open border policies which are failing America.


Hamadeh has placed himself in this race as an America First candidate with endorsements from major figures such as Kimberly Guilfoyle, Kash Patel, and State Sen. Wendy Rogers.

“As a former prosecutor, I know how important our state Attorneys General are in fighting back against the Biden Administration’s radical agenda and restoring the rule of law,” said Guilfoyle in a statement.

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America is currently watching Arizona, as Kari Lake, another Trump-backed candidate also makes a bid for Governor. Hamadeh’s primary election will be held on the same day as Lake’s gubernatorial primary — August 2nd.

With less than a month until the primary election, it’s hard to say what Arizonans will think of Hamadeh’s plan to protect the border and save the country, but only time will tell.

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