'That Is Real OBSTRUCTION!': Trump Slams The FBI's Classified Document Investigation, Says They Want To Indict Him While Leaving Biden 'Unpunished'

Donald J. Trump took to Truth Social to decry governmental agencies for trying to indict him for political purposes and for engaging in election interference in order to derail the 2024 hopeful's chance to retake the White House. He also noted that politicians with similar and worse scandals like the current president Joe Biden were let off the hook by these agencies, according to Newsmax

Mr. Trump wrote on his social media site, "Reports are the Marxist Special Prosecutor, DOJ, & FBI, want to Indict me on the BOXES HOAX, despite all of the wrongdoing that they have done for SEVEN YEARS, including SPYING ON MY CAMPAIGN," Trump wrote. "Biden Crimes go unpunished, including that he had Boxes in Chinatown, in his garage by the 'Corvette,' & 1,850 Boxes in Delaware that he won’t allow anyone to see." He added that "That is real OBSTRUCTION! They seek retribution for Republicans looking into Biden's CRIMES! I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!"


As Newsmax observed, this post by Trump, the Republican frontrunner, comes after an alleged leak by authorities to CNN that led to the publication of a recording of the former president talking about his inability to share information from certain classified documents that he had in his possession. It ought to be emphasized that CNN admitted that the alleged tape is not in their possession nor did their reporters listen to the recording. As such they are relying on (at least) second-hand information on what the audio recording said. 

In the aftermath of Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland's approval for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to raid Mr. Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago in search of documents with classified markings, Garland claimed that "Since I became Attorney General, I have made clear that the Department of Justice will speak through its court filings and its work." 

This has been a sham given the number of leaks to the press about what such sensitive documents allegedly cover or with this recent supposed audio recording. Put simply, the prejudicial leaks (of contested value) repeatedly demonstrate the inability for the DOJ to speak solely through its court filings and professional work. 

Prominent legal scholar Alan Dershowitz recently wrote an article that overviewed potential lines of attack that the prosecution might take and noted that the weight of the government's potential arguments were lacking. He stated that a "[c]riminal indictment of former president has no legitimate basis" given the law, the evidence, and procedure at play here. Still given the anti-Trump mentality by the top brass, the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation may choose to prosecute Trump all the same and may secure an indictment. A fuller account of his argument was previously covered by the DC Enquirer

Trump's case of politicized prosecution may secure even better grounds still by the fact that the Mike Pence, his former vice president, was not charged for possession of classified documents.       

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