Democrat Lawfare Strategy Backfires After New Poll Shows Trump Post-Conviction Beats Biden

Left-wing prosecutors have attempted to handicap 45th President Donald Trump's campaign at every turn in hopes that they will be able to convict him of a crime to convince the American people to re-elect President Joe Biden in 2024. However, a new poll released Monday presents a major problem for those wishing to use lawfare to take Trump out of the picture.

A new Harvard/Harris poll, conducted from February 21-22 with 2,022 registered voters, found that Trump if convicted, would still beat Biden in a general election matchup. The poll found that if Trump were convicted on the classified documents case brought by special counsel Jack Smith, a case unlikely to reach trial by November, he would be 50-50 with Biden. If Trump was convicted in the RICO case brought by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, he would still be up over Biden by 52 percent to Biden's 48 percent. And if Trump were convicted in the January 6 case brought by Smith, he would dominate Biden by eight points, 54 percent to 46 percent.

In a general election matchup, without a conviction, Trump is leading Biden by six points, with 53 percent saying they would vote for the presumptive GOP nominee compared to 47 percent who would vote for the 81-year-old Democrat. The poll also found that if Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was added to the matchup, Trump would win by seven points with 44 percent compared to Biden's 37 percent and RFK's 18 percent.

The poll also found that immigration and inflation were the top issues on Americans' minds. From those polled, 36 percent said that immigration was the country's top issue, while 33 percent said that inflation/price increases were the most pressing problem. Other top issues included the economy/jobs, crime/drugs, guns, healthcare, and the national debt. Inflation was also deemed to be the top issue for voters personally, with 42 percent saying that it was the most pressing issue in their day-to-day life.

With inflation and immigration at the top of voters' minds nationwide, Trump has been able to capitalize on Biden's failure. Border security and price increases have been the bedrock pillars of his campaign as he attempts to make his case to voters for why he should win this November.

President Biden's lack of leadership is finally catching up to him. He has overseen a slowing economy, an unsecured open border, a disastrous foreign policy, and the politicization of the judicial system. On top of his mental sharpness problems, it is no wonder why Americans are choosing to give Trump another four years in the White House.

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