'I Was Really Stunned': DOJ Special Counsel's 'Blatant' Misconduct Exposed In Trump Indictment, Prosecutor Would 'Potentially Face Discipline'

Tim Parlatore, a former member of the 45th President Donald Trump's legal team managed to describe the "blatant" prosecutorial misconduct carried out by the investigation of Special Counsel Jack Smith during an interview with CBS' Catherine Herridge. Smith's grand jury investigation on whether not to indict Trump for the alleged mishandling of classified documents was reportedly riddled with serious improprieties.

According to The Post Millennial, Parlatore told Herridge, "I was really stunned by what I saw in the grand jury room by the conduct of the prosecutors. They made many attempts to try to get privileged communications, they would ask me about conversations with my client. They would make improper references to the jury trying to mislead them about that."

Citizen Free Press shared a video of the moment on Twitter noting, "How did this get past CBS News censors. Catherine Herridge interview today. Former Trump attorney Tim Parlatore describes prosecutorial misconduct from Special Counsel Jack Smith's team."

He continued, "At one point it got to the level where they're asking me this again, and then they'll turn to the grand jury and say you're refusing to provide this information." This represented a huge logical fallacy and a major breach of ethics.

Parlatore explained: "No, I'm not refusing to provide, the ethical rules prohibit me, even if the answer to this question is helpful. I'm not allowed to give it, and I turned to the jury and said, and she knows it. She knows that it's an improper question." 

He added that the back and forth between the two attorneys continued with a wildly improper inference from the Biden admin attorney that "if the person's so cooperative, why won't he waive privilege and allow you to tell the grand jury about his conversations?" This is a massive legal fallacy that is precluded by the Constitution as well as both state and federal laws that someone is guilty "based on the invocation of a constitutional right." This is frequently seen with people 'pleading the fifth.'

Parlatore arrived at the heart of it, saying:

"It's the kind of thing that if that had happened in a trial court, the judge would have immediately stopped everything probably, declared a mistrial,"

He added, "It's the kind of thing that quite frankly, an attorney, a prosecuting attorney who willfully does that type of thing would potentially face discipline."

As news of the 37-count indictment of Trump handed down by the grand jury, it becomes even more important that the context of ongoing, repetitive, and severe misconduct by the Department of Justice is well known.

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