Newt Gingrich: 'I Think That Trump Is Not A Candidate - Trump Is The Leader Of A Movement'

Everything that the Democrats do to drag Trump and his name through the dirt has seemed to backfire immensely for them as the former president has consistently seen a notable bump following every single indictment thrown his way by the Biden Department of Justice. 

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) appeared on Fox News where he outlined how the indictments only work to create a stronger aura around Trump as a champion of the people with many people being able to recognize the massive witch hunt going on against Trump right now. 

It started when host Mark Levin brought up the New York businessman’s polling and the growing disdain of the DOJ under the Biden administration. Gingrich responded, "I think that Trump is not a candidate — Trump is the leader of a movement. He's the personification of an establishment that is totally corrupt, destroying anything that gets in its way."

Gingrich said that support among African-American males specifically has seen a notable rise, saying the “simple” reason for it is that they “feel like the police have harassed them” and “now watching the government harass Trump” is something that they can relate to. 

"I think many people who may or may not like Trump's personality, but they look at this and they think, 'Here are my choices. I'm going to side with a totally corrupt administration or I'm going to side with the guy who has the guts to stand there and take the beating and keep coming," the former speaker added.

The Georgia Republican also noted how Trump would have been easily able to retire following his defeat in 2020 but instead, he chose to run again. "If he'd retired, none of these charges would ever have occurred, and instead, he said, ‘You know, the country is worth going through this,' and I think that's given him support in places that normally wouldn't have supported him."

"I think that the country is in fact going to nominate Trump, and I think Trump has a very high likelihood of winning the general election," Gingrich said. 

The Democrats seem well aware that pushing Biden up is not going to win them the election as the aging president is anything but a capable leader. Unfortunately for them, the B plan of dragging Trump through the mud is turning out to be just as much of a failure as the first idea. Perhaps if the Democrats worked to appeal to average Americans rather than shilling out to the LGBTQ minority, they could have a chance in 2024. 


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