Trump Proven Correct As Over 1.2 Million Ineligible Voters Removed From LA Voter Rolls

Over 1.2 million registered voters have been removed from Los Angeles County, California voter rolls due to not voting in recent federal elections and failing to respond to notices since 2022, according to Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch agreed to a settlement agreement with L.A. County in 2019 after suing them for violating the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) by failing to properly maintain the county’s voter rolls.

“That’s a massive tool for fraudsters seeking fraudulent ballots to cast. Who knows how many invalid registrations exist across the country?” Former Missouri State Senator, John Loudon, wrote in a post on Truth Social on Tuesday.

Judicial Watch’s lawsuit was filed in 2017 to “force the cleanup of Los Angeles County’s voter rolls.”

The agreement resulted in LA County having to annually detail how many inactive voters have been removed from their voter rolls.

According to a report from Judicial Watch, “The agreement also required the office of the secretary of state to send a written advisory to all county clerks/registrars of voters in California stating that current federal law requires the cancellation of a registrant who has failed to respond to an official notice and who then fails to vote, offers to vote, correct the registrar’s record.”

“This long overdue voter roll clean-up of 1.2 million registrations in Los Angeles County is a historic victory and means California elections are less at risk for fraud,” the President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, said in a statement.

“The county had allowed more than 20% of its registered voters to become inactive without removing them from the voter list,” Judicial Watch reported.

“There was so much Voter Fraud & Irregularities in the 2020 Presidential Election that it amazes me how weak and ineffective Fox News is at portraying itself in the lawsuit against them,” 45th President and leading 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump wrote on Tuesday in a post on Truth Social.


Earlier last year, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled all mail-in ballots not containing the required date on the outer envelope are not allowed to be counted in the 2022 midterm election.

The ruling was in response to a Republican National Committee (RNC) lawsuit over the Pennsylvania law requiring a provided date. The lawsuit asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to order counties to separate undated and incorrect ballots from proper ballots.

This is not the first ruling against mail-in ballots by a State Supreme Court.

Just one week prior to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling, Saratoga County Supreme Court Judge Dianne Freestone ruled that New York Democrats “exceeded” the state’s constitution by “violating the spirit of absentee voting.”

In her 28-page decision, she reacted to a signed law from former Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) which allows someone who is “concerned” about COVID-19 to vote by absentee ballot.

She said that Cuomo’s 2020 legislation allows any voter to qualify for an absentee ballot, which violates the constitution.

One month prior, America First Legal (AFL) filed its second lawsuit in Pennsylvania against the Chester County Board of Elections over alleged illegal drop box activity caught on surveillance videos, according to an article published by the AFL.

Pennsylvania election laws require mail-in and absentee ballots to be returned by mail or to the voter, not another individual. One person is only allowed to drop off one ballot, not multiple.

In the 2022 primary election, only 11 out of 13 drop boxes had voter services monitoring the boxes and making sure all election laws were being followed. The remaining two drop boxes, on the other hand, did not have physical voter services monitoring them and were available 24 hours a day.

However, those two drop boxes did have security cameras. The camera footage caught over 330 individuals depositing void, invalid, or multiple ballots at once – all violating Pennsylvania election laws.

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