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Former President Donald Trump’s fundraising committees collected $7.2 million and pulled a total of 228,090 contributions in January, according to FOX Business

The total funds collected by his Save America PAC, Save America JFC, and MAGA PAC is $123.8 million. In the latter half of 2021, Trump’s team raked in $51 million.

The amount of fundraising and endorsements Trump has made in the past year is unprecedented for a former president. Trump is using much of his fundraising to play kingmaker in the Republican primaries, deciding which candidates to endorse.

Trump has supported over 100 candidates so far in races across the country. He has contributed over $1.35 million to candidates and causes.

Taylor Budowich, the communications director of Donald Trump and the Save America PAC, told FOX Business, “2022 is here and President Donald J. Trump’s political organizations are positioned to carry his America First message into battleground races across the nation.”

“Unlike any Republican before him, President Trump continues to bring in an unprecedented number of new dollars and new donors into the movement, an effort that benefits candidates and causes up and down the ballot,” Budowich added.

Trump’s enormous fundraising haul was large enough to catch the attention of many in mainstream news outlets who were shocked by the numbers.

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