WATCH: Trump Says Biden's 'Ego' Is Keeping Him In The Presidential Race - 'They Cover For Him'

During a phone interview on Fox News on Monday evening with Sean Hannity, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump explained that President Joe Biden is staying in the race because of his "ego" and because his family is increasingly isolating him from criticism to keep him in the race.

"They cover for Biden [on his cognitive decline], and they still are sort of covering, but it's getting very difficult to do that," Trump said. "It looks to me like he may very well stay in — he's got an ego, and he doesn't want to quit. He doesn't want to do that. Jill seems to be having a good time, and I'm hearing Hunter is calling the shots." Hunter Biden, recently convicted on multiple felonies, has reportedly attended White House meetings with his father.

"It's not a positive thing for our country. Nobody wants to give it up that way — he's going to feel badly about himself for a long time," the 45th president continued. "You really have to speak to his doctors, but obviously, he's been sheltered by the Fake News media. That's why they call it the Fake News." 

President Trump's comments come after the 81-year-old Democrat incumbent insisted to his fellow Democrats that he would not be exiting the race despite recent calls that he do so. As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, President Biden called into MSNBC's "Morning Joe" to challenge any Democrat calling for him to withdraw from the race to challenge at the convention next month.

"The bottom line here is that we aren't going anywhere. I am not going anywhere. I wouldn't be running if I didn't absolutely believe that I am the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in 2024. We had a democratic nominee process where the voters spoke clearly. I won 14 million of those votes, etcetera," Biden said. "I not only believe that from the beginning, but I want to reassert and demonstrate that it's true, and I'm going to be doing that all through this week and from here on."

In a particularly heated moment, the president then challenged Democrat elites who have called upon him to step aside. Biden's comments come after multiple Democratic lawmakers demanded that the president withdraw from the race to allow the party to pick a new nominee.

"The American public is not going to move away from me as an average voter. And again, I'm here for two reasons, pal," Biden said. "One, to rebuild the economy for hard-working working-class people. Give everybody a shot. Just a straight shot. Everybody gets a fair chance, number one. Number two, remember all this talk about how I don't have the black support. Come on, give me a break. Come with me. Watch! Watch! I'm getting so frustrated by the the party. 'Oh, they know so much more.'"

"But if any of these guys don't think I should run, run against me. Go ahead, announce for president. Challenge me at the convention," the president added. President Biden's insistence that he will stay in the race despite his horrendous debate performance witnessed by 51 million Americans proves that Trump's assessment of the situation is correct. The president's ego is driving his re-election bid, and his inability to reflect on his mental deterioration proves as much.


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