Trump Vindicated, Biden Proven A Liar As NYT Admits Trump Rollback Had ‘No Impact’ On East Palestine, Ohio

Forty-fifth President and leading 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump has been exonerated of false claims from the radical left and the Biden administration that Trump was responsible for the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, due to a rollback. 

The New York Times, a far-left outlet, admitted in a report that Trump’s rollback of a rule from President Barack Obama forcing hazardous cargo trains to be equipped with extremely expensive electronically controlled brakes had “no impact” on the derailment in Ohio.  

The rule Trump reversed also wouldn’t have even applied to the Norfolk Southern train that derailed in East Palestine because it’s not a high-hazard cargo train.

“The White House has pushed back on such criticism from Republicans, accusing both the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers of dismantling the Obama-era rail safety measures meant to prevent episodes like the East Palestine derailment,” the Times report said.

“According to the website PolitiFact, a rail safety rule repealed as part of a broad regulatory rollback under the Trump administration would have had no impact on the East Palestine derailment.”

During Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s sudden trip to East Palestine a day after Trump’s, the Transportation Secretary blamed the East Palestine derailment on the 45th Commander-in-Chief.

“One thing Trump can do is express support for reversing the deregulation that happened on his watch. I heard him say he had nothing to do with it. So if he had nothing to do with it…,” he said.


Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio, a small community of 4,700, last week to help and meet with members of the community after a train derailment led to a large release of toxic chemicals in the area.

As Trump helped Ohio, Biden, and his entire administration, had yet to visit Ohio to help even once by Trump’s Wednesday visit.

Biden instead, of course, attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin from a speech in Poland to support Ukraine, rather than supporting the American people.

Biden’s administration originally turned down a request for federal disaster assistance. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) told Ohio’s governor they’re not eligible to receive disaster assistance.

Once Trump announced his trip to Ohio last Friday, however, FEMA reversed its decision to reject a federal disaster request from Gov. Mike DeWine (R-OH).

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