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As soon as Donald J. Trump first announced his candidacy for President of The United States, he quickly began calling out the anarchy at our southern border. More specifically, the overwhelming amount of drugs that continue continue flowing into the country, destroying lives and families.

Mainstream media and the general public had never seen anyone speak boldly and truthfully about the border crisis. Predictably, the media quickly labeled former President Trump a racist candidate or a far-right white nationalist.

However, President Trump was right. Drug use is one of the most significant causes of death in the U.S., and many Americans have at least someone in their family who has suffered from addiction.


Recently, the U.S. Border Patrol has been experiencing record surges of fentanyl and discovered that these same drug-smuggling cartels are now targeting America’s most vulnerable demographic, children, with candy-like colors for drug distribution. 

When Former President Trump was in office, “the number of first-time heroin users ages 12 and older fell by more than 50 percent.” Further, “the Department of Justice shut down the country’s biggest Darknet distributor of drugs.” With these accomplishments, the opioid epidemic was drastically slowed, saving countless American lives.

So while Trump would call out the “bad hombres” penetrating our border security each day, it wasn’t for political gain or any form of racist prejudice. It was because a president’s first responsibility is to ensure his people’s welfare and safety. So when illegal immigrants break our laws and put Americans in danger, a responsible president gives a blunt call to action against those criminals rather than a politically correct and sugarcoated statement.

Trump was right, and we need to return to his blunt realism.

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