Trump’s Estranged Niece Goes Completely Unhinged in Wild Twitter Rant After Supreme Court Leak

Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s estranged niece, is up in arms because she and her friends and followers will no longer be allowed to legally sacrifice their children. This follows the alleged leaked Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which has had disastrous effects throughout the nation for almost 50 years.

In classic Democrat fashion, Mary can only conceptualize politics as Democrat vs Fascist – a political take that demonstrates a complete lack of agency and critical thinking.

Mary also retweeted a second-rate Pillow company that tries to blame the Court’s decision on people who didn’t vote for Hillary.

She continues by saying, “the illegitimate right-wing majority on the United States Supreme Court is pro-rape, pro-incest, anti-woman, and anti-child. Are you cool with that?”

Ironically, Mary tries to frame the right-wing for such demonic things as rape, incest, being anti-woman, and being anti-child. None of those accusations actually hold up in the slightest.

Rape and incest represent such small fractions of abortions that they really aren’t even worth discussing, much less being used to accuse Supreme Court Justices. Rape represents only 1% of the reasons for abortion and incest is less than 1% according to a study by the Guttmacher Institute. In fact, a massive 74% of those surveyed answered that they murdered their child because “having a baby would dramatically change my life.”

Surely Mary cannot be serious when she accuses pro-life advocates of being anti-child. In no world should saving children’s lives be associated with being anti-child. Oftentimes, pro-child sacrifice advocates will cite the poor foster care system in the United States and suggest that the children are better off being dead than being in the foster system. To that, anyone with even a loosely grounded sense of morality should respond that the choice of death over foster care is not ours to make. It is illogical and outright satanic to suggest that you get to decide for the child that they would be better off dead.

Unfortunately, Mary doesn’t stop there. Mary’s next tweet lacks just as much grounding as the previous.

“Women with unplanned pregnancies will suffer and die. Children raped by their fathers or uncles or strangers will suffer and die. This SCOTUS will make these deaths not just inevitable but legal—and Republicans do not care. WE MUST FIGHT BACK. #ExpandTheCourt

It is unclear where Mary is getting her information that fathers, uncles, and strangers are out there raping children en masse. Perhaps she is accidentally referencing the public school system instead. She ends her senseless tweet by calling to pack the court. It makes little sense to destroy the already fragile judicial branch just so women can continue to legally murder their children.

This issue could be avoided if men and women were much more judicial about how they throw their bodies around for fleeting pleasures. It is no secret that the true purpose of sex is to reproduce and pregnancy is a possibility in most circumstances. Given this, it is clear that pro-choice is not a movement about protecting their bodies, but more about protecting women (and men who impregnated the woman) from the consequences of casual sex.

Pro-murder advocates should at least be honest about their movement, but that’s probably too much to ask since they can not even be honest with themselves.

Perhaps Mary Trump should try her hand at comedy given the number of jokes she keeps tweeting out. Maybe if she’s successful, she’ll finally be able to make Uncle Trump proud.

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