WATCH: Trump Lays Out His Plan To Take On Big Pharma, 'Global Freeloading' In Agenda 47 Policy Video

In Bedminster, New Jersey, the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump revealed his 'Agenda 47' plan to take on Big Pharma and end "Global Freeloading." While this plan was initially released in June, it gained traction in August as Trump's arraignment following his fourth indictment has thrust him further into pre-eminence advancing toward the 2024 primary.

During his explainer video on the topic, Trump began, “Crooked Joe Biden likes to pretend he stands up to Big Pharma—but in fact, I was the only President in modern times who EVER took on Big Pharma, and I took it head on," he said, adding, "Biden canceled my tough-on-pharma policies the moment he had a chance.”

First, Trump recounted his first-term efforts, 

"As President, I signed a historic Executive Order declaring that the United States government would pay the same price for pharmaceuticals as other foreign countries—and no more. We didn’t want to pay any more. Can you imagine that? How simple would that be. This would have saved American patients billions and billions of dollars.

But shortly after taking office, Joe Biden rescinded my Executive Order, stabbing Patients and U.S. citizens and especially our Seniors right in the back."

Trump explained, "For many years, Americans have been paying among the highest prices in the world for our prescription drugs, while other countries negotiate sweetheart deals off the backs of America, paying vastly lower prices for the very same drugs from the very same companies. This amounts to a gigantic subsidy of foreign socialist welfare systems courtesy of YOU and the American people."

As reported by CNN and PolicyMed in 2021, a freeze on Trump administration regulations directly impacted two of Trump's rules lowering drug prices for insulin and epi-pens in particular. The first was a rule to "effectively ban drug makers from providing rebates to pharmacy benefit managers and insurers – a radical change in the way many drugs are priced and paid for in Medicare and Medicaid. Instead, drug companies will be encouraged to pass the discounts directly to patients at the pharmacy counter." The second increased access for 28 million people to insulin and epi-pens.

He promised, "On Day One of my new term, I will sign an Executive Order to end this global freeloading on American consumers for once and for all. Under my policy, the United States government will tell Big Pharma that we will only pay the best price they offer to foreign nations, who have been taking advantage of us for so long— the United States is tired of getting ripped off."

Trump, speaking for the American people said, "We’ve been ripped off my everybody for so many decades. We are tired of it. Not going to happen. They should have never rescinded my original Executive Order."

"It just shows you the power of Big Pharma. But this will force Big Pharma to RAISE prices on foreign countries and REDUCE prices very substantially for American Patients. It will deliver huge savings for seniors, and for all American Patients."

He reiterated, "They should have never ever rescinded my Executive Order."


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  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images / Getty Images
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