Trump’s Massive Support Amongst GOP Base Intimidates Potential Presidential Primary Challengers

The GOP base remains deeply loyal to Donald Trump, a phenomenon that concerns the former President’s potential Republican primary challengers. As a Politico op-ed published yesterday argued, Trump’s potential rivals are “showing conspicuous deference to Donald Trump, bordering on fear.”

This isn’t surprising. Trump’s support surged recently after the FBI and the DOJ appear to have conspired against the former President to raid his home at Mar-a-Lago. As a result, Trump’s already massive base rallied behind him, while others from across the political spectrum acknowledged how political the raid appeared. In all, the raid seems to have backfired: Trump hauled in a staggering $1 million in donations the next day.

Trump’s surging support hasn’t stopped other potential candidates from hinting at presidential runs. Possible candidates include recently-ousted, RINO Congresswoman Liz Cheney (WY) and the more popular Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. However, neither figure is polling in the same vicinity as Trump is among Republican voters.


It seems the Biden White House is exhausting its capacity to derail Trump’s possible run in 2024. Legal witchhunts and the unprecedented misuse of executive power aren’t working.

The mainstream media also appears to be Biden’s closest ally in furthering baseless accusations against Trump. However, it isn’t working: the American people have seen the same song and dance before. The Left spent the past several years constantly pushing the Trump/Russia collusion headline that ended up a proven hoax only formed for political gain.

A growing number of Americans are realizing that their best bet against the ongoing erosion of their rights, culture, and country is the man who refuses to back down against D.C.’s corrupt mob of woke, leftist, conspiratorial lunatics. Fortunately for those Americans, Donald Trump doesn’t appear to be backing down on his mission to fight against that very group of anti-American plotters.

The former president has kept his supporters in a nail-biter while awaiting his decision to run or not. Trump continues to cite Federal Election Commission regulations as the reason he’s holding off while referencing his now-notorious line, “I think you’re going to be happy.”

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