Truth Social Dominates The Social Media Space

Former President Donald Trump just keeps winning. After dominating the news space for the better part of six years, Trump has been remarkably quiet over the last year. The social media landscape armed itself against the President. A sitting US President was banned from every major social media platform. Indeed, many of the alternative platforms which supported the President lacked the support of the broader tech landscape. Parler got deplatformed following January 6. The media contended that the platform was used to plan the “insurrection”. Of course, Parler soon recovered, but the Amazon Web Service pull likely limited their growth. One could make the case this was by design. But the President would never stand for it. He would never again be beholden to the whims of technocrat tyrants. They do not care about free speech. They want to constrain what we as Americans can say in the service of equity and inclusion. If you offend someone, you might as well kiss your spot on the platform goodbye.

With that prospect looming, the Former President had his own vision in mind. Donald Trump launched his own social media company — Truth Social. And Truth Social has been a force, an unprecedented force, which will forever change the market. We applaud Trump’s efforts, and we look forward to the continued success of the platform. Indeed, the DC Enquirer was an early adopter of the new network.

Truth Social officially launched on February 21, but its growth started to speed up in March. The platform was the number one app on the App Store upon its debut. And Trump just keeps winning. According to Just the News, Donald Trump now has a tenth of the total followers he once had on Twitter. Mind you, this is in a little over three weeks. That is tremendous growth. Other platforms have to have taken notice. And when they do, perhaps they will ease up on many of the restrictions which are causing them to flee to these alternative platforms in droves. It is a bad business decision to continually cave to the rabid leftists who want to shut down anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders.

So, whatever happens to Truth Social, we can at least be thankful to President Trump for changing the conversation and inspiring others as the trailblazer that he is. America will be made all the better for it. We will see who Trump’s platform lets him reach in 2024.

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