Tucker Carlson Gives A Chilling Assessment Of Biden The 'Wannabe Dictator'

Tucker Carlson's Tucker on Twitter stormed out of the gate Thursday with Episode 4: Wannabe Dictator. This episode highlighted the appearance of a Fox News chyron characterizing President Joe Biden as a "wannabe dictator" in a two-screen shot showing him speaking at the White House opposite 45th President Donald J. Trump.

The coverage followed Biden speaking after Trump was arraigned in a Miami court on 37 charges related to the alleged mishandling of documents. During his approximately thirteen-minute monologue, Carlson gave a devastating analysis of Biden in the context of what he called the "totalitarian impulse."

In his comments, Tucker sarcastically agrees that "Joe Biden's not a wannabe dictator just because he's trying to put the other candidate in prison for the rest of his life, for a crime he himself committed doesn't mean he has a totalitarian impulse. Come on. That's absurd."

He added, "It takes a lot more than jailing your political rivals to earn the title. wannabe dictator. That's the consensus in Washington tonight," the former Fox host then went on to describe in excruciatingly sardonic tones all of the ways that Biden "of course"... couldn't be a wannabe dictator. 

Carlson pointed to several factors, quipping, "It is not a small thing to be a wannabe dictator. It's quite a process.":

"First off, there is the money," he began adding "The one thing that all dictators have in common is they enrich themselves and their families, their tribe, even as the countries they govern grow steadily poor and more desperate. They take kickbacks from businesses and from other dictators. They use the official functions of their government to funnel cash to themselves."

In an unrelated note, Senator Chuck Grassley laid out before the Senate Monday serious allegations that Biden and his son Hunter were recorded in 17 separate phone calls by the owner of Burisma related to $10 million in bribery they allegedly coerced him into paying according to recent credible reports.

Carlson then alluded to dictators cracking down on their critics and flaunting their wealth while their people "languish in growing poverty." Surely, nothing like that is reminiscent of America under the Biden administration.

Carlson also alluded to the propensities of "wannabe dictators" to remind the people opposing him that he has nuclear weapons and they don't, and using this power dynamic as justification for disarming the populace.

But naturally, there's no video out there of Biden making any such statement. Oh... wait... there was Biden saying "If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons," in 2021, according to Business Insider.

The most-watched conservative commentator in the nation goes on to make several more of these allusions to Biden's egregious behavior throughout his term in office before finally noting his Tuesday commentary that "These are our kids. These are our neighbors, not somebody else's kids. They're all our kids," during a White House Pride event that even drew the ire of Elon Musk.

Carlson ominously observed,


"Joe Biden isn't saying your children belong to him like a dictator would. He's saying something very different from that. He's saying, America's children are our children, not his alone. Ours.

You share your children with Joe Biden evenly right down the middle with alternating weekends. You've got joint custody with Joe Biden, and you can thank heaven that you do. A nation is like a family. Every family has a head, a father. That's Joe Biden, our nation's father. And this ladies and gentlemen is now his fatherland. Just don't call it a dictatorship or we'll have to issue a statement disavowing you."

The chilling part is: at any other time in history, this would be a joke. But today, it's a terrifying goal the radical left is feverishly working to make real.

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